My name is Silva

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

I grew up surrounded by talented artists and artisans involved in creative processes such as tailoring clothes, creating jewelry, accessories and building furniture every day. This nurtured in me a lifelong passion for the fine arts.


I chose to work in vintage furniture partly due to aesthetics – I love the proportions and materials used in the creation of such furniture – but equally because each piece brings its own story with it from the era in which it was made, the history it has been a part of, and from the previous owners of the piece who lived with it.

I always strive to create furniture that reflects the unique personality of my client while still holding the unique magic of its past.

The result is furniture that combines art and function, past and future, tradition and modernity.

I believe that interiors, jewelry, cloths or an artwork reflect people’s values; they shouldn’t just decorate spaces, they should transform them. Think about your own home: you probably spend most of the day at work or not inside your home – when at home you should be able to enjoy a combination of beauty and comfort.

The challenge to create the perfect timeless piece is always fresh and always exciting. My understanding of and respect for the materials and colors I use results in objects which are beautiful and unique while providing longevity and functionality.

I am not a factory – I do not “reproduce” things or seek to make the same piece twice. I am just modernizing in a way that it suits our lifestyles today, and that gives you a lifestyle value in the way that a piece bought off the shelf does not…

Combining a creative eye in design with a disciplined ethos and expertise in construction ensures my revised vintage furniture pieces are stylishly elegant in their quality and individuality and are imbued with a soul. The right piece of furniture or dress makes you feel unique, content, which reflects your personality.

I look for harmony in balancing traditional values, attention to detail on one hand with a contemporary feel for design on the other.

I relish the challenge of every new piece, bringing it to life and giving it character, hoping always to combine the vision of an artist, behind each single cloth there is a designer. Each piece takes painstaking hours to complete, carefully following details throughout!

I take a very personal pride in all my work and never think of a piece as complete and finished if I’m not completely happy with it. ‘Unique’ is a much overused work in our culture.